Petit procedure

What is Botox?

Botox is injected into each site with a proper amount to inhibit the flow of neurotransmitters in the body for paralyzing the movement of the muscles for certain period of time.

This principle can be used to stretch the wrinkles on the face or to improve the wrinkles and the
muscles of various sites such as square jaw reduction, etc.
Maintenance Period of the Botox EffectThe effect is maintained for about 6 months after 2~3 days from the procedure.

Advantages of Botox


The procedure time is 5~10 minutes to be relatively short.


Anesthetics are not required.


This non-incisional procedure leaves no scar.


There may be needle marks left after the procedure, but there is no problem in everyday life.


There is no problem in cleansing or make-up after the procedure.

Characteristics of Botox by Apgujeong YK

Use of Genuine Botox Products

In Apgujeong YK Plastic Surgery Clinic, only the genuine Botox products certified of safety are used, and a fixed dosage is applied in appropriate site to obtain safe and clear effects.

Advanced medical technology

Various academic lectures at home and abroad based on abundant know-how YK has been studied and advanced medical technology

Procedural Sites of Botox


middle of the forehead

nasolabial line



Calf muscles