Petit procedure

What is a filler?

Filler is a substance that is injected into various skin layers to enhance the volume on scar, wrinkle and the nose.

For the filler, syringe is used to fill the volume easily and naturally in a short time on parts of the face without volume, for a smooth line and rejuvenating effect.
Maintenance Period of the Filler EffectThe effect is shown immediately after the procedure, and maintained for 6 months ~ 1 year.

Advantages of the Filler


It is an easy non-surgical
injection therapy.


The procedure can be received
in a short time, and has
no problem in everyday life.


There are almost no swelling
and inflammation.


Correction is possible naturally
in the preferred form.


Fillers can be used for various purposes including fat under the eyes, nose, removal of wrinkles and scar, etc.

Characteristics of Apgujeong YK Filler

Use of Genuine Filler Products

In Apgujeong YK Plastic Surgery Clinic, only the genuine filler products certified of safety are used, and the most suitable product is applied in an appropriate site.

Procedural Sites of Filler


Nasolabial line

Fat under the eyes

Volume on the lips

Mentum (Short chin)

Grooved scar