Fat grafting

※Recovery time, hospital admission and visiting for treatment schedule may vary among individuals.

  • Operation time
    1 hour
  • Method of anesthesia
    sedative anesthesia
  • Hospital admission stay
  • Suture removal
  • Visiting for treatment
    1 time
  • Recovery time
    about 1 week

What Is Muscle Unit Micro Fat Grafting?

It is an autologous fat grafting procedure, in which fatty tissues harvested from the abdomen or thigh are purified by using a centrifuge, and then the fatty tissues with a decent graft survival are grafted into desired areas.

At Apgujeong YK Plastic surgery Clinic, Dr.Kim’s fat grafting technique(muscle unit) and layers are different from those of other doctors. His approach increases fat graft survival and reduces edema and bruising, while allowingfaster recovery.

Intraoral muscleunit micro fat grafting!

Fat Grafting Method at Apgujeong YK Plastic surgery Clinic

The key point of fat grafting is how to increase graft survival in order to maintain the volume for a long time. A problem-solving approach for this issue is at the muscle level (unit) for micro fat grafting.
At Apgujeong YK Plastic surgery Clinic, fat grafts are grafted to the corresponding unit of muscles by dividing centrifuged and insulin-treated fat grafts into muscle units. There are many muscles in the face, and these facial muscles play the role of making abundant facial expressions. Thus, muscular divisions are very detailed and delicate in compared to fat divisions. Accordingly, fat grafting is densely performed by infusing centrifuged and treated-fatty tissues into the space above and beneath these numerous corresponding facial muscles. This approach allows infusions of fat grafts more densely than the conventional fat grafting, and increases graft survival, as well as maintaining the volume for a long time.

Advantages of Micro Fat Grafting
by Muscle Units


It has a higher graft survival rate than conventional fat grafting.


The post fat grafting
volume is maintained
for a long time.


The procedure is simple
and the recovery is fast.


Autologous fat does
not usually cause


No scars


No bruise and quick

Fat Grafting Areas and Effects


Volume is given to raise the forehead, and the
nose line is connected for a natural change

(Eye rims / Nasolabial lines)

Sunken areas are filled to look younger with a brighter impression

Nose / Nose tip

Transformed simply into high & harmonious nose line

cheek bone / cheek

Rejuvenating effect through firm and elastic face


Fat grafting for correction into smooth and balanced face shape

Fat grafting effect



periorbital area

lower eyelid

cheek bone / cheek

jaw line

around mouth


Fat grafting areas

Surgical Method of Micro Fat Grafting by Muscle Units

healthy muscle fat and vessels
aged and shirnked muscle,
fat and vessels
fat graft (including ADSC)