※Recovery time, hospital admission and visiting for treatment schedule may vary among individuals.

  • Operation time
    30 minutes
  • Method of anesthesia
    sedative anesthesia
  • Hospital admission stay
  • Suture removal
  • Visiting for treatment
    1 time
  • Recovery time
    about 1 week

What is AccuSculpt?

AccuSculpt, meaning “accurate and sculpt,” is used for precision lipolysis, for sculpting in multiple areas.

It acts selectively on fatty tissues and dermis without injury or hemorrhage the nearby tissues.
The AccuSculpt lipo-sculpting system not only has an goodeffect for face requiring meticulous manipulation,
but also effect on sagged body area after liposuction

AccuSculpting Areas

Removal of over grafted fat afterfat grafting

Body line correction

Axillar flesh, forearm flesh, calf, ankle flesh, etc.

Removal of facial flesh

The cheek, jawline, double chin, etc.

Removal nasolabial folds

Characteristics of AccuSculpt


V-line completed easily : The facial fat is sculpted easily and quickly for a V-line face.


Lifting effect at the same time : Stimulation is given to the dermis to induce collagen
generation and for lifting effect.


Safe without side-effects : The laser procedure certified by the US FDA and CE in Europe
acts only on the fat cells to be safe.


Quick procedure & recovery : The procedure is within 30 minutes to be short, and swelling and
bruises are minimized to enable a quick return to everyday life.


No scar : Minimum invasion method of using very thin needle is applied
in the surgical procedure for almost no scar.

Surgical Method of AccuSculpt