Customized 3D implant facial reconstruction

※Recovery time, hospital admission and visiting for treatment schedule may vary among individuals.
  • Operation time
    1 hours
  • Method of anesthesia
    sedative or general anesthesia
  • production time
    7~8 days
  • Recovery time
    about 2 weeks.

What is Customized 3D implant facial reconstruction?

The most challenging aspect is to create a prosthesis that fits into a bone structure that has already been excessively cut or almost gone. At Apgujeong YK Plastic surgery Clinic, 3D computerized tomography (CT) imagery is first obtained, and then a damaged mandible is recreated by using a 3D printer.
With a model created on the basis of this data, a custom prosthesis is produced by using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) material as intermediate step (template) and then customized silicone implant is made as final step. Facial reconstructive surgery is performed by using such a customized prosthesis. Dr. Yong Kyu Kim, M.D., The Executive Hospital Director, presented his report on this technique at a conference.

Why is Customized 3D implant
Facial Reconstruction necessary?

There are still excessive bone resection in square jaw surgery, which led to a droopy chin line, as compared with that before surgery. Such unsightly cases have become an issue. There are several methods to solve such a problem. First, a face lift, in which the droopy skin is resected. Second, reconstruct a bony structure which was resected too much.

Rather than carrying out a face lift early on in patients who underwent facial bone contour surgery largely in their 20s or 30s, bone reconstructive surgery
is a more ideal approach. However, harvesting a rib or cranial bone for reconstruction is burdensome for patients. In an attempt to avoid such a strenuous method, 3D-printing is a brilliant approach that is utilized for facial reconstruction by Apgujeong YK Plastic surgery Clinic.

Special advantages of Customized 3D implant Facial Reconstruction


Strong prosthetic material is safer for human body and longer maintenance of shape


Not just restoration of the mandible, but also improved transformation of a chin
shape is possible.


Production of a custom
prosthesis appropriate for
other facial bones.


A more comfortable surgery than conventional reconstructive surgery


Easy to form freely, while formation for another area is possible.

Customized 3D implant Facial Reconstruction Method


Excessive resected mandible is notied


Making prototype using 3D printer


Template PVA implant and final Customized silicone Implant