Revisional facial bone surgery

※Recovery time, hospital admission and visiting for treatment schedule may vary among individuals.
  • Operation time
    1 to 2 hours
  • Method of anesthesia
    general anesthesia
  • Hospital admission stay
    1 day
  • Suture removal
    in about 14 days
  • Visiting for treatment
    2 times
  • Recovery time
    about 2 weeks

Cause and target of reconstruction

01Excessive bone resection of facial bone contouring. It becomes a so-called “dog jaw”
           or may show a stigma of plastic surgery makeover.

02Insufficient bone resection that leaves postoperative issues unresolved and unsatisfactory.

03Facial bone contouring with removal of large amount of bone improves bone lines,
           but the skin has not been considered; such facial lines appear old and droopy.

04Loosening of plate and screw becomes non-union

05Fractured or bumpy chin due to surgeries performed by an inexperienced surgeons.

06Pain, cheek drooping and inflammation after surgery would be possible after surgery,
           because of Malnunion


Compared to the initial surgery, the deformed facial bones and soft tissues are adhered badly to cause difficulties in reconstruction. Also, the muscles that must be attached are detached from the bone from the previous surgery, so the original shape cannot be restored from reconstructing only the bone.

Above all, reconstruction could be a massive burden on a patient, in comparison to the prior surgery. Blessed with a record of continuous voluntary services in reconstructive surgery and clinical competence for many years, Apgujeong YK Plastic surgery Clinic’s staff realizes such pain perceived by these patients. For that reason, our staff will put in every effort to accurately diagnosis, and safely operate in order to avoid reconstructive surgeries.

Hospital selection criteria for reconstruction

Safe and fast recovery are the advantages at Apgujeong YK Plastic surgery Clinic! Stunning three-dimensional line at any angle!

Does surgeon have much experience in reconstructive surgery?
Can surgeon analyze accurately the cause for reconstruction?
Can surgeon verify a
postoperative analysis
of bone and face?
Is it possible to have
reconstructive surgery
suitable for me?

The reason why reconstructive surgery is special at Apgujeong YK Plastic surgery Clinic!

3D printed and Customized Implant

Facial bone-customized implant using the 3D printer
Reconstruction of the
facial bone

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