Non-incision method

※Recovery time, hospital admission and visiting for treatment schedule may vary among individuals.
  • Operation time
    20 minutes
  • Method of anesthesia
    Partial anesthesia
  • Hospital admission stay
  • Suture removal
  • Visiting for treatment
    1 time
  • Recovery time
    about 1 week

What is Non-incision method?

The buried suture method is a surgical method in which the skin is not excised but the suture material is buried into the eyelid, making a natural double eyelid line.

Owing to this method that utilizes minute holes and not having skin incisions, it has advantages of less scaring and swelling, as well as fast recovery and natural looks.
However, it has disadvantages of a blur or loosened double eyelid, in comparison with that of the incisional method. Thus, at Apgujeong YK Plastic surgery Clinic, various surgical techniques are considered in selecting an approach for a patient’s condition. This reduces probability of loosened double eyelids. Only the most appropriate technique is incorporated in surgery to guarantee satisfaction.

Cases requiring a Non-incision method
in eye surgery

01Cases with asymmetric sizes of double eyelids

02Cases where a patient desires to change the width of the double eyelid

03Cases with only one double eyelid

04Cases with a thin or fatless double eyelid

05Cases where double eyelids often disappear
(when a patient is tired or has swollen eyelids)

The Advantages of Non-incision method in eye surgery


Natural double eyelid line


Short operation time and less swelling


Revision surgery is easy since there is less tissue damage


Fast return to everyday living activities is possible


Minimize scars with a small incisional window.

non-incision technique VS non-incision
continuous fixation technique

non-incision technique


6point continue fixation sometimes fixtation knot are palpabe, therefore less knots are better

non-incision continuous fixation technique


continues technique has just are knots on outside and knots is hardly palpable and visible