Breast Reduction

※Recovery time, hospital admission and visiting for treatment schedule may vary among individuals.
  • Operation time
    3 hours
  • Method of anesthesia
    general anesthesia
  • Hospital admission stay
  • Suture removal
    about 14 days
  • Visiting for treatment
    3-4 times
  • Recovery time
    about 2 weeks

Overseas activities related to the breast surgery
by Director Kim Yong-kyu

Professor Hamdi

Author of Vertical Scar Mammaplasty

Professor Philip Blondeel

Chief at University of Gent and global expert on breast reconstruction

Professor Niranjian

Global expert of microvascular surgery in Royal St. Andrew’s Center for Surgery (Breast reconstruction, breast surgery)

Professor Ramakrishnan

Chief of Royal St. Andrew’s Center for Surgery and editor of official journal for European Plastic Surgery, JPRAS (Breast reconstruction, breast surgery)

What Is Breast Reduction?

While breasts should be harmonious with the body, it is important to make breasts reasonably full and elastic. Excessively huge breasts may cause not only a problem for the appearance, but also some disease states, together with mental stress.

Oversized breases can overload the vertebrae and neck , therefore the size and elasticity of the breasts are corrected surgically,
and the shape of the breasts are remodeled at the same time to achieve a beautiful and balanced appearance.

Do I Have Breast Hypertrophy?

Pain in the neck, shoulder, or waist

Chronic fatigue

Sub-mammary stretch marks

Breast pain


A suspicion of breast hypertrophy (macromastia) should be raised in cases of having three or more of the above symptoms. A mean breast size of Korean women is approximately 200~250 cc each, and a breast weight in excess of about 200~2000 grams is referred to as a "giant breast."

Cases Requiring Breast Reduction


Cases with huge breast size, showing breast hypertrophy


Cases with nipples falling below the infra-mammary crease


Cases with droopy breasts secondary to pregnancy, childbirth or dieting


Cases with neck and back pain due to large breasts


Cases with a psychological distress due to having huge breasts

Causes of breast hypertrophy

Endocrine hypermastia (Breast hypertrophy with endocrinological pathophysiology)

These are macro-mastia/giantomastia cases with excessive secretion of breast maturation hormones.

Hormonal reactions affecting breast volume are rather complex and endocrinological causes of breast hypertrophy have not been well elucidated yet. In such cases, body hair distribution is either abnormal or excessive, and is accompanied by precocious puberty, such as early onset of puberty and menstruation.

Virginal hypermastia

These cases are largely genetically affected, rather than affected by endocrinological attributes.

Such patients generally show a normal hormonal test result, and have no particular abnormalities in their body. The diagnosis of virginal hypermastia is readily made with easy detection. Breast hypertrophy is gradually on the rise and cases with painful shoulder and waist are not uncommon due to Westernized nutrition and lifestyle changes. Breast reduction or correction is indicated for breast hypertrophy, asymmetry or sagging after childbirth.

Breast Reduction Method

Vertical scar (Incision) Breast Reduction

This method is for areola incision and leaving the incision line from the areola down vertically to the wrinkles below the breast, and since Dr. Lassus of France first introduced this breast reduction method, it has been developed continuously to be currently most widely used in the US, Europe, South America, etc.





Advantages of Vertical Scar Breast Reduction

The shape may be temporarily awkward after the surgery, but in terms of long-term result, the shape is maintained for a long period of time.